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Relationships Between The DevOps Handbook and Systems Thinking

I've recently finished reading The DevOps Handbook , and Thinking in Systems , and have just started reading The Fifth Discipline . Below are a few of my thoughts after reading them. The DevOps Handbook is a really great book and I highly recommend anyone participating in software development to give it a read. In the book, the authors describe the Three Ways (aka principles): Flow Feedback  Continual Learning and Experimentation The first way focuses on getting software through the work stream, the second way focuses on getting feedback, and the third way focuses on organization learning.  The DevOps Handbook's visualization of the 3 ways reminds me of systems diagrams in  Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows.  Stuart Rimell has a nice 2 part post on systems thinking in software development, that draws on ideas in Thinking in Systems ( Part 1 , Part 2 ) After reading The DevOps Handbook and Thinking in Systems, I got curious about systems thinkin