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Quality is Free

Ed Horch commented on an answer I posted on Quora, suggesting I add  Quality is Free by Philip B. Crosby to my answer. I have never read that book before, so I went ahead and bought a used copy. This book is stirring up things in my head about quality as it relates to software development, and I want to jot down a few notes, before I forget them. What is Quality? According to Crosby Quality is conformance to requirements  That's a very simple definition of quality, and at first glance it might not seem revolutionary. And it's in stark contrast to how Prisig tries to define quality in Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance , driving the main character mad trying to define exactly what quality is. I really like Crosby's definition of quality. I'll try to expand on that a little bit. Another way quality was book in the book, and I'm paraphrasing here Quality is when a customer gets what they expect What are your customers expectations? Most of w