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Ember + Node + Express + EJS + Elastic Beanstalk

Here's the set of steps I follow to test out Ember using Node / Express in Elastic Beanstalk. For reference, here's a test project I've deployed to AWS EB using these steps. Start a new Ember project, and add in the Express dependencies npm install -g ember-cli ember new my-awesome-app cd my-awesome-app npm install --save express npm install --save ejs npm install --save path npm install --save debug mkdir bin mkdir views create a file named www inside bin folder #!/usr/bin/env node var app = require('../index'); var debug = require('debug')('autocare:server'); var http = require('http'); var port = normalizePort(process.env.PORT || '3000'); app.set('port', port); var server = http.createServer(app); server.listen(port); server.on('error', onError); server.on('listening', onListening); function normalizePort(val) { var port = parseInt(val, 10); if (isNaN(port