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Basic JMeter Test Plans

I've started a GitHub repository  containing some basic JMeter test plans. While creating test plans is fairly straight forward, I find it easier and quicker to take an existing test plan, and tweak it to suit my needs. Maybe it will help you as well. Right now I've got two up there, one using the JMeter Standard Plugins to do a constant load, and one with a simple loop controller loading a web page with 20 users, with a 5 second delay. I'll try to add more useful test plans over time.

Notes on Getting Started with JMeter

If you're new to performance testing and just starting out using JMeter like me, it can be a little daunting. There's a lot to learn, and there's really no one thing you can read that will make you get it. You just have to play with it for a while until you start to get it. Here's a few things that might help you get started. Reference Material Ophir Prusak from BlazeMeter has a couple of good intro videos on JMeter Learn JMeter in 60 Minutes   Advanced JMeter Training and Report Analysis The thing I like about these videos is that they are clear, decently explained with just he right amount of information, and aren't too technical. These videos are aimed at promoting the BlazeMeter product, but they focus more on JMeter itself, and contain a lot of information. is a handy open source performance tool to use in conjunction with JMeter. It can analyze page load speeds of applications available on the web. Mobile Web Performance - Get