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Your Code Is Broken If You Don't Understand It

If you don't understand every line of code you write, your code is broken! Ever start writing a pice of code, and it snowballs on you and you end up with a couple hundred (or thousand) lines of code, and it starts to get away from you? You start wondering what it all means? Maybe you're working with other developers, with various levels of experience, which is adding to the overall code mass. Collectively do you understand what you are writing? If at any point you stop being able to understand the code you are writing, it's time to stop and rethink  things. The code is broken. Now is the time to correct it! A problem you perceive is a problem you own! If there's something bothering you about your code base, there's no better time than the present to address it. It doesn't matter your seniority level. You should talk it through with other devs. Maybe they have similar problems with the code, but we're hesitant to bring it up. Continuously thinking abo